COVID-19 vaccination

Are TAC clients expected to receive a COVID-19 vaccination if in receipt of services or support?

COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary. It is recommended for everyone 5 years and older. Information is available from the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care.

A service provider may choose to require proof of vaccination to allow a service to be provided. However, the service provider should let the client know if this is the case and should seek advice to ensure privacy, occupational health and discrimination issues are considered.

Informed consent

All Australians must provide informed consent before having the COVID-19 vaccine. If a TAC client is unable to make their own decision and has a substitute decision maker in place, that person will need to consider the will and preference of the client. Guidance on on informed consent is available from the Australian Government.

Service provision for unvaccinated clients

The TAC encourages providers to continue service provision for unvaccinated clients, considering how safety can be assured for clients and workers.

Victoria's Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) has advised that community service organisations should provide services regardless of a client's vaccination status, provided it can be done safely. Information from the DFFH is available for the community services sector, including disability services.

Does the TAC expect that providers receive a COVID-19 vaccination?

The TAC supports the Victorian Government’s directives. Workers in healthcare, disability and other professions must provide evidence that they:

  • have received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, or
  • have a medical exemption evidenced by an authorised medical practitioner

Vaccination requirements are available on:

How can I receive a COVID-19 vaccination if I require additional support?

If you require additional support to receive a  COVID-19 vaccination, Disability Liaison Officers can assist. Victorian Government vaccination information for people with a disability or special requirements can be found at

Information includes:

  • Support services for people with a disability or special requirements, including getting vaccinated at home
  • How to get a COVID-19 vaccination
  • Vaccination centres offering enhanced access for people with a disability
  • Getting help from a Disability Liaison Officer

TAC funding of providers to support you to get a COVID vaccination can be considered. If you do not have approved support to attend medical appointments or access the community, you need to submit a request to your claims manager.

If you have a large attendant care program or support to attend medical appointments, you should be able to utilise this existing support.

Will the TAC tell other service providers my COVID-19 status?

The TAC is required to work within privacy laws. This means if a service provider asks the TAC for your COVID-19 status the TAC has to follow strict processes which may or may not allow the TAC to tell service providers this information. The TAC encourages clients to talk to all of their providers about their COVID-19 status to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all clients and service providers.