Prosecution Report - Chathuri H


One charge of fraudulently obtaining benefits contrary to s116 of The Transport Accident Act 1986.

Plea: Guilty


The magistrate sentenced the accused to a 12 month Good Behaviour Bond without conviction. One of the conditions of the bond is that the accused makes a $500.00 donation to the Road Trauma Awareness Services. The accused was also ordered to pay TAC compensation in the amount of $15,114.20 (the accused had already repaid $3,000 to the TAC) and was ordered to pay $500 in costs.


The accused supplied TAC with false documents alleging that the accused had been offered employment and was about to commence it when the transport accident occurred and as a result of the accident could not take up the offer of work. As a result the accused was paid $18,114.20 in Loss of Earnings benefits. There was no offer of employment and the company did not actually operate at the time.

Payable to TAC

Restitution: $15,114.20 ($3,000 has been repaid)Yes
Professional Costs: $500Yes
Donation: $500No