Prosecution Report - Douglas G


5 charges of fraudulently obtaining benefits contrary to section 116 of the Transport Accident Act 1986 and 1 charge of providing false or misleading information to the TAC contrary to section 117 of the Transport Accident Act 1986.

Plea: Not Guilty


The magistrate imposed a finding of guilt against the accused, fined the accused $5,000 and ordered the accused to pay compensation to the TAC of $97,802.27 for all benefits TAC had paid as a result of the claim as well as witness costs for the hearing. The accused immediately lodged an appeal against conviction and sentence with a mention listed in the County Court in early October.


The accused claimed to have had a bicycle accident when the accused allegedly swerved to prevent being hit by a car. A TAC investigation later showed that there was no car present at the time of the accused’s collision. The magistrate found that the presence of a car was a concoction designed to defraud the TAC and found all six charges proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Payable to TAC

Restitution: $97,802.27Yes
Total Fines: $5,000 No
Disbursements: $ N/A
Statutory Costs: $ N/A
Professional Costs: $N/A