Prosecution Report - Emily G


1 charge of fraudulently obtaining benefits contrary to section 116 of The Transport Accident Act 1986.

Plea: Guilty


The magistrate imposed a fine of $2,500 with a finding of guilt and ordered the accused to pay TAC $500 in legal costs and restitution in the amount of $11,065.20.


The accused provided the TAC with false pre-accident employment slips which greatly exaggerated her pre-accident income. The accused then presented to TAC two forged Certificates of Capacity to continue to receive Loss of Earnings Benefits, while all the time the accused had already returned to her pre-accident employment as a self-employed cleaner.

Payable to TAC

Restitution: $11,065.20Yes
Total Fines: $2,500 No
Disbursements: $ N/A
Statutory Costs: $ N/A
Professional Costs: $500Yes