Prosecution Report - Raymond R


7 counts of fraudulently (or attempting to) obtaining benefits contrary to s116 of the Transport Accident Act 1986, and 8 counts of supplying false or misleading information contrary to s117 of the Transport Accident Act 1986.

Plea: Not guilty


The magistrate imposed the sentence with conviction, fined the accused $5,000 and ordered the accused to pay TAC compensation in the amount of $10,710.00 and costs in the amount of $2,581.


The accused falsely represented to the TAC through Travel Expense Declaration forms submitted that he had attended a number of medical and like services or rehabilitation services when in fact the accused had not actually attended them.

Payable to TAC

Restitution: $10,710 Yes
Total Fines: $5,000 No
Disbursements: $ N/A
Statutory Costs: $ N/A
Professional Costs: $2,581 Yes