Prosecution Report - Victoria U


1 charge of fraudulently obtaining benefits contrary to section 116 of the Transport Accident Act 1986 and 1 charge of providing false and misleading information contrary to section 117 of the Transport Accident Act 1986.

Plea: Guilty


The magistrate convicted the accused and imposed a sentence of 150 hours of unpaid community work as part of Community Corrections Order and the accused was ordered to pay TAC restitution of $20,114.


The accused had been earning an income whilst in receipt of Loss of Earnings Benefits and failed to advise the TAC of this income whilst at the same time submitting 7 fraudulently altered Certificates of Capacity advising the TAC that the accused had not returned to work. As a result the accused received $20,114 in benefits fraudulently.

Payable to TAC

Restitution: $20,114Yes
Total Fines: $ N/A
Disbursements: $ N/A
Statutory Costs: $ N/A
Professional Costs: $N/A