New bus service helping Geelong racegoers make a safe bet

Geelong Cup racegoers can avoid taking a gamble on getting home safely with a free shuttle bus service, thanks to the Transport Accident Commission.

The Geelong Racing Club will offer a new shuttle bus specifically for punters travelling to the region’s coastal and bayside towns with a $1000 Safe Travel Grant from the TAC.

TAC Engagement Senior Manager Megan Jacobs said the buses would help take the guess work out of how to get home safely.

“We want everyone to have a fun day out at the Geelong Cup and that includes getting home safely to your loved ones,” Ms Jacobs said.

“Organising a safe way home can be difficult for those people living in the coastal and bayside towns around Geelong, but this new shuttle bus will give those racegoers an easy and safe option,” she said.

“It can be hard to track how much alcohol you’ve consumed during race day, so the safest bet you can make is to plan ahead, book a spot on the shuttle bus and completely separate drinking from driving.”

Research shows drivers with a blood-alcohol level of .08 are five times more likely to have a crash than before they started drinking. At 0.12, their crash risk has increased tenfold. Even a blood alcohol content of 0.02 can impair the ability to judge distances and see moving lights correctly.

“The Geelong Cup is a fun day out for all those in attendance and we want to ensure the fun continues at the end of the day with everyone making it home safely to their loved ones,” Ms Jacobs said.

“That means we need all racegoers to make safe decisions and play their part in making sure no one is killed or seriously injured on our roads,” she said.

On the day the TAC team will be trackside at the Geelong Racecourse offering free breath tests, giving out free water and sharing information with punters on how to get home safely by planning ahead.

People can book a spot on the shuttle service when they book their tickets.

Thirty-nine clubs from across the state will receive a share of $60,000 to provide free transport to racegoers through the Safe Travel Grants Program which is in its second year.


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