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Client Research

TAC Client Research

The TAC regularly seeks feedback from its clients about their recovery from a transport accident and their experience dealing with the TAC.

If you are a client of the TAC you may be contacted about taking part in one of our research studies.

This may be in the form of a telephone or online survey. You may also be contacted about participating in a face to face interview, a focus group, or online discussion.

Your feedback will help the TAC improve the services and support it provides to its clients.

Your Privacy

It is your choice to participate in TAC research. We ensure that your feedback is kept confidential and that your claim will not be affected by your involvement.

Your personal information will only be used for research and analysis purposes and any information that could lead to your identification will not be disclosed in any reporting.

Ahead of any contact from a researcher you will receive an email or letter with some information about the research project and an option to opt-out if you like. If you did not receive this information you can ask for a copy at the time you are contacted.

Opting-out of Research

You may opt-out of TAC research projects either by completing the form  at the back of your claim pack or contacting the TAC Client Research Team by email on ClientResearch_team@tac.vic.gov.au

We hope you will consider participating in TAC research.

Current Projects

Listed below are the current TAC Client Research projects.

Project NameTimingProject Description
TAC Client SurveyNovember 2017 & May 2018A survey of current and recent TAC clients about their satisfaction with the TAC as well as their health and other outcomes.