Supported leisure options

Supported leisure options are an organised calendar of supported activities. They give TAC clients the chance to take part in community-based social or recreation activities.

How supported leisure works

Most clubs, groups, or activities are for a mix of people, not just TAC clients. People have the opportunity to meet others and take part in something rewarding or fun. Some successful and popular options that are already up and running include:

  • indoor rock climbing,
  • woodwork,
  • kayaking and
  • creative arts.

Supported leisure options are a genuine alternative to having to rely on attendant care or support from family members. The venue running the activity provides support.

A local agency in each region develops the calendar of activities. They ensure that clubs or facilities are welcoming and have trained staff available during the activities.

Local community facilities hold the activities. These include:

  • neighbourhood houses,
  • sporting centres,
  • Living and Learning Centres,
  • TAFEs and
  • clubs such as a sailing, angling or bowls clubs.

Are supported leisure options right for you?

Supported leisure options are for people who want to get out and about more. It's a way to meet new people, have fun and enjoy rewarding leisure activities. It's for people who need some support to do these things.

People who do not need support to take part in the community are also invited. Other members of the general public may also take part.

The benefits of supported leisure options

  • An opportunity to pursue an interest and improve skills with expert coaching or instruction
  • An opportunity to meet people with similar interests
  • An opportunity to develop skills to a higher level. (E.g. competitive tennis or golf, art exhibition, music or drama performance)
  • A chance to get involved in other activities at the various community facilities
  • An opportunity to get involved and take on voluntary roles. (E.g. help organise, administer or market activities)

More information about supported leisure options

  • At the start, activities are made available on a ‘come and try’ basis. You may attend with a familiar carer for up to four weeks
  • Shared transportation is organised for those unable to access the venue on their own
  • You may choose any number of activities from the calendar of activities, and change activities as you wish
  • As a genuine alternative to attendant care for recreation and/or community access, it is expected that the leisure option will replace some of your attendant care services
    If your needs or circumstances change you can decide to end a leisure option. At that time we will review your support needs and our funding of attendant care. We will then make any necessary adjustments
  • Like all other club members or activity participants you will need to pay for costs associated with the activity. (E.g. hire of bowling shoes and lane hire for ten-pin bowling).
  • We will meet the costs of the support and, where needed, transport.