Advanced Personal Management (APM)

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At APM we know how challenging and emotional it can be to recover from a motor vehicle accident. We are here to help you navigate the system and achieve your recovery goals.

Telephone: 1300 967 522

We’ve been helping support people recover from injuries and adapting to big changes in their lives for more than 26 years. Our experienced rehabilitation consultants work with you and your whole support team including your family and loved ones, treating health practitioners, employers and the TAC team to get you back on track by understanding your circumstances and what is important to you. Our Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Rehabilitation Counsellors and Registered Nurses are experienced health professionals with an intimate understanding of the TAC system and legislation, offering you the highest support possible.

Regardless of the stage of your recovery you are at, we will help give you a clear and tailored path for helping you achieve your return to health, return to life, and return to work goals. This can include:

  • Helping provide you with the adequate levels of support for all your activities of daily living
  • Developing recovery plans with your entire support team with your recovery and well-being our ultimate goal
  • Identifying your strengths and developing your return to work plan
  • Setting realistic goals to move forward while building your skills for managing change
  • Assessing you and your workplace to ensure you are set up for success, and
  • If required, helping you secure more suitable work with an alternative employer.