Altius Rehabilitation Services

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Rehabilitation Services by Altius is an industry leading provider of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Telephone: 1800 258 487

Navigating the complex nature of injuries, individual situations and work and home environments is what we do best. Our dedicated, highly skilled professional rehabilitation consultants are adaptable to your needs.

We ‘think outside the square’ to help our clients to realise their health potential regardless of where their recovery journey begins. And we embrace innovation, with our programs supported by evidence-based technologies.

We work using a client-centred approach and a strength-based model. This means we can support you appropriately, take the time to understand your situation and needs and work out the best way to support your recovery.

We’ll suitably match you with one of our allied health professionals who will then partner with you to:

  • Listen and understand your goals
  • Build a trusting relationship
  • Respond to your priorities
  • Work with your treating parties, and
  • Help you navigate the TAC scheme so you can focus on your recovery.

They’ll support you through our five-step approach to your recovery:

Step 1 – An initial meeting to understand your needs

Step 2 – Confirm your goals together with your treatment team

Step 3 – Develop a tailored recovery plan to ensure progress

Step 4 – Implement the plan, with reassurance and confidence

Step 5 – Monitor progress towards your goals

As a valued service provider to TAC, we have maintained high performance levels in both outcomes and customer service and assisted a large number of clients to achieve their personal recovery goal.