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WorkFocus Australia coaches you through your recovery to meet your health, work, well-being and life goals.

Telephone: 1300 570 181

WorkFocus Australia know that an accident can disrupt your health and all aspects of your life. So we work with you to get you back to your life as quickly as possible and keep it that way.

Think of us as your recovery ‘life coach’. We take the hassle out of everything. We talk with TAC, health professionals and other providers, keeping everyone in the loop, ensuring a smooth process to get you the treatment and help that you need.

We listen and we work towards the goals that are most important to you.

Our proven service is delivered in person, on the phone or via video, and in your chosen language – via our ‘Kairros’ Culturally and Linguistically Diverse programme.

At or 1300 570 181 you can speak with us whenever you need us, where and how you need us.

By choosing WorkFocus Australia you are choosing the best for your health, work, well-being and life recovery.