Child care

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Child care services are only purchasable if eligible under section 60(2)(c) of the Transport Accident Act 1986 and can only be funded and purchased up to a maximum of five years after your transport accident. 

Child care services refer to duties and tasks that relate to the direct care of a child, such as feeding and bathing, which you performed prior to the transport accident. These services replace the care and supervision of a child when you have sustained injuries that prevent or limit the normal provision of these services.

You should ensure that your child care provider/s are:

  • compliant with the National Best Practice Standards, and
  • regulated by either Commonwealth or State governments (with the exception of in home care services which are regulated and monitored by local councils), and
  • holders of, or employ staff who are holders of, a current assessment notice pursuant to the Working With Children Act 2005 (Victoria).

View the TAC Childcare policy and fee information.

Find an appropriate child care service:

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