Gym and swimming programs

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A gym or swimming program is an exercise program that is developed and monitored by a health professional, such as a physiotherapist. It is for you to perform independently in a gym or pool to support your rehabilitation.

An appropriate gym and/or pool facility:

  • is a commercial gym and/or pool facility designed for public use or a gym and/or pool within the premises of a health professional
  • is located in a practical location, within a reasonable distance of your home or work
  • is designed and equipped for various modalities of exercise, sports and physical training
  • has suitable equipment to meet your needs as recommended by your health professional
  • has suitably qualified staff to ensure your safety.

View the TAC exercise physiology policy and fee information.

To find an appropriate gym and/or pool facility, check with your health professional, yellow pages, local council or private gym and swimming facility.