Julius prepares for work by volunteering

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For the last few years I have been doing voluntary work at AMES.

Because I believe that that's something

that's a pretty good ongoing challenge that leads me to being productive.

It looks really good on my resume.

So, I believe that's prepared me to go back to work.

At AMES, I deal with people who are very fresh to the country, from various other nationalities and backgrounds, like, from all over the world,  and basically help them with conversational English.

It's been very beneficial to me,
because I find it stimulating

and a little bit challenging
and rewarding,

because the people
that I work with at AMES,

they have very varying degrees
of English ability.

Working is important
for my independence

because if I don't work,
then I cannot be independent

to the level I would like to be.

So, that's just something I feel
as though is very important for me,

my development,
and my career progression, even.

I just figure, since work
was such a part of my life previously,

to feel like a valid
and important member of society,

I think not going back to work
was never an option,

because I feel as though
going back to work

is indeed a good, wonderful
and important thing.

And that's just a further way
I can continue to validate myself

as a human being with a reasonable
amount of mobility and motivation,

and that's what I'm shooting for.

Julius is keen to get back to work and is volunteering to prepare for his eventual return to the workplace.

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