Greg focuses on rehabilitation
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The accident involved a motor
vehicle, and I was on a pushbike.

Collided at an intersection.

I woke up sort of about
five weeks later.

It was an amazing...

To look down and all
I could see was wires and tubes.

You couldn't speak so wasn't quite
sure exactly what had happened,

so it was fairly an emotional few
weeks to try and sort all that out.

I can recall as soon as I woke up
from...out of the coma,

my first request to my wife, Julie,

was to give me my BlackBerry,
I needed to get on with my work.

I was chief general manager
of a company called Allianz

and also chief executive officer
of Club Marine Insurance.

It was a fairly stressful job,
but I really enjoyed it.

It was...
Work was a lot of my life.

I did try to go back to work
after the accident,

some eight months later,

for four hours,
two days a week,

but, unfortunately, four hours
quickly became eight hours

and became 12 hours,

and the rehab was getting put into
second place behind work,

so that required a meeting

and some serious words coming
from the medical staff and my wife

about giving up work

and getting on with my health
and recovery and the rehab process.

So that's when the decision was

that work decided the only way
I was going to stop working

was for them to, um...
terminate my role

and get me back into
the rehab process.

My approach to rehab, quite simple
really - I never miss a session.

My mission has been to be there
before the time it starts

and to make sure
that you follow the instructions

from the rehab staff

and your homework
that you're given each time

when you leave there.

Because if you don't do the rehab,
you don't get the benefit from it.

I understand that I wont be able

to get back into a high-powered
executive role,

um...but hopefully I can find
something that I can manage

or do on a temporary basis
sometime in the future.

The first thing Greg asked for after waking from a coma was his blackberry – 'I needed to get on with work' and back to a high-ranking executive role. Greg's determination to get back to work overshadowed his rehabilitation.

Here he talks about the difficult decision to walk away from work and focus on rehabilitation.

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