Getting back to work

Kat goes from seriously injured to business owner

Kat working in her hair dressing salon

Kat's parents decided to buy her a hairdressing salon to help with her recovery. This is the story of her 5 year journey from seriously injured to sucessful salon owner.

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Be brave and finally you will achieve your goals

Jun heading to work

Jun suffered serious head injuries in a car crash and as a result, he had been unable to work since Twenty years on and Jun set the goal to work again.

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Ken returns to the kitchen

Ken serving food

Ken was a chef before a motorbike crash turned his life upside down

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Greg focuses on rehabilitation

Greg focuses on his rehabilitation

The first thing Greg asked for after waking from a coma was his blackberry. Greg's determination to get back to work overshadowed his rehabilitation.

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Roger’s getting back to work journey

After Roger's accident he had to accept that he could not return to his pre-accident role as a high-ranking executive.

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Julius prepares for work by volunteering

julius back to work

Julius is keen to get back to work and is volunteering to prepare for his eventual return to the workplace.

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Robbie retrains as a personal trainer

Robbie at the gym

Robbie was an apprentice mechanic when an accident changed his life. He decided on a new career as a personal trainer.

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