Treatment and support services

This page lists the different types of treatment and support the TAC pays for and information about how to make a claim for them.

A list of the most recently updated policies is available here.

There are payment limits for most services. Where payment limits apply you can check the amount the TAC will pay by opening the 'Payment limits' tab.

TAC benefits are indexed on 1 July each year. A list of indexed benefits is available here.

Ambulance, hospital and nursing

Treatment and support for severely injured clients or clients with disability

Rehabilitation services

Medical services

Therapy services

Household and community support services

Medication and equipment



Accidents before 1 September 2003

Accidents between 1 September 2003 and 15 December 2004

Accidents on or after 16 December 2004



Attendance Services for Accidents on or before 31 December 2004

Attendant Care - Overseas

Attendant Care policy


Autologous Blood Testing for Surgical Procedures

Autopsy services


Benefit and Support Service Assessments

Blood Alcohol Content Reading

Blood Drainage - Reinfusion

Bone Growth Stimulation

Botulinum Toxin (Botox/Dysport)

Breast Implant Replacement Surgery

Burial or Cremation Expenses (applies to accidents before 20 November 2013)


Case Management

Certificates of Capacity

Child Care Services for Accidents on or after 1 January 2005 policy


Claims for Common Law Damages

Claims for Compensation - TAC Response Time

Claims from Country Fire Authority (CFA) Volunteers

Client Independence Skills Service (CISS)

Clients turning 18 years of age

Clients with a 28 or a 29 percent Impairment

Clients with a 48 Percent or a 49 Percent Impairment policy

Combination of compensable and non-compensable treatment

Common law time limits

Community Access

Community Neurobehavioural Service policy

Concurrent Physical Treatment by Health Care Providers

Continence equipment

Contraceptive treatment


Daily Living Expenses

Dental Services


Dog Kennelling policy

Domestic Partners

Domestic Services for Accidents on or before 31 December 2004

Dose Administration Aids

Driving Programs

Drug and Alcohol Services


Early Intervention Physiotherapy Framework

Education Support Services

Eligibility for Benefits

Equipment policy

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Exercise Physiology

Expenses when attending medical/impairment examinations policy

External Prostheses and Orthoses


Family Counselling policy

Family Planning Education

Family Support Workers

Financial intermediary services

Framework Occupational Therapy

Functional Electronic Stimulation (FES or Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation) - Surgically Implanted (Internal)

Funeral Expenses policy (applies to accidents on or after 20 November 2013)


Gait Analysis

Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs

Gym and Swimming Membership


Hip Replacement Surgery

Hire Charges (Surgical Equipment)

Home Modifications

Home Services for Accidents on or after 1 January 2005


Hospitals - Private

Hospitals - Public

Household Help policy

Human donor tissue

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Impairment benefits

Implantable Pain Therapy

Implantable Therapy for Neurological Disorders (ITND)

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

Indemnity provided by the transport accident charge

Independent Medical Examination requested by the TAC only (non joint)

Individualised Funding

Infusion Therapy for Pain Management

Injuries sustained after the transport accident

Intensive Outreach Service policy

Interpreting Services

Interstate (non-Victorian) Accidents

Interstate Services

Issues affecting impairment benefits


Joint Fluid Therapy

Joint Medical Examination policy




Laser Resurfacing (CO2 Laser Procedure)

Loss of Earnings Benefits

Loss of Earnings Capacity (LOEC) benefits


Making a Claim for Compensation


Maxillofacial Services

Medical Practitioners

Medical excess

Mental Health (Psychology and Neuropsychology) policy

Minors entitlement

Motor Sports Accidents policy

Multiple accidents before 16 December 2004

Multiple accidents before and after 16 December 2004

Multiple and Complex Needs Model (MACNM) policy


Network Occupational Therapy Services

Network Pain Management Programs and Pain Management Services

Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation Services

Non-Established, New or Emerging Treatments and Services (NeNETS) policy

Nursing Services


Occupational Therapy Services

On-call service policy

Opioid policy


Orientation and Mobility


Osteogenic Protein Device (also referred to as OP-1 or BMP-7)


Outreach Services policy

Overpayments and recoveries

Overseas travel to attend medical examinations in Australia policy


Pharmacy (Chemist Medications) policy

Physiotherapy policy


Post Acute Support for Accidents on or after 1 January 2005 policy

Post Hospital Support Payments

Pregnancy (Termination of)

Private Health Insurance - Reimbursement of Expenses



Radiofrequency Denervation (RFD)

Rehabilitation Camps

Rehabilitation at Home

Repatriation (the returning home) of Injured Overseas Visitors

Respite Services

Return to Work Programs

Reviewing a TAC decision

Road accident rescue services (RAR)


Safety Net Income Benefit (SNIB)

Sedatives (including Hypnotics and Anti-anxiety Medications) policy

Serious Injury applications for mental injury claims

Six Year Time Limit for Applying for an Impairment Benefit

Social Work policy

Special Education Consultant Services

Special Food and Special Food Formula

Speech Pathology

Spinal Injection Therapies

Substitute Care

Supported Accommodation Services

Surgery (Elective)

Surgically Implanted Prostheses

Surviving Dependent Child

Surviving Dependent Partner


TAC Electronic Communication Policy and Guidelines

Taxation of No fault Compensation

Therapy Support Services

Time Limit to Apply for the Payment of Medical and Like Expenses

Topical Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (Gels, Creams and Sprays)

Transport Accidents

Transport accidents and accidents arising out of the use of vehicles

Travel Allowance Agreements for Clients with a Severe Injury

Travel and Accommodation Expenses for Immediate Family Members to Attend the Funeral, Burial or Cremation of a TAC Client

Travel and accommodation expenses

Travel to Pre-Vocational or Vocational Training Programs

Travel to School and Higher Education Expenses

Travel to Work Benefit policy

Treating Health Practitioner (Medical) Reports not requested by the TAC

Treating Health Practitioner (Medical) Reports requested by the TAC

Treatment of Transport Accident Injuries with Drugs of Dependence


Uninsured and Unregistered Vehicles - Accidents on Private Land



Vehicle Modifications or Contribution Towards the Purchase Cost of a Vehicle

Visiting Expenses for the Members of the Immediate Family of an Injured Client Admitted to Hospital

Visiting Expenses for the Parent(s) of an Injured Dependent Child admitted to Hospital

Vitamins, Minerals and Complementary Medications


Weight Loss Treatment and Services

Work Related Compensation

Work and You

WorkCover - transport accidents and accidents arising out of the use of vehicle claims

Wrongs Act dependency claims

Search for policy information for health & support services

In most cases there is a maximum amount the TAC can pay for a treatment or support service. If your provider charges more than this amount, you will need to pay the difference. This is known as "paying the gap".

Click a treatment or support service below to see the payment limits for it.


Allied Health Assistants

Attendant Care

Audiology Services


Burial or Cremation Expenses (applies to accidents before 20 November 2013)


Case Management

Chinese Medicine Practitioners (Acupuncture)

Chiropractic Services

Client Independence Skills Service

Community Access Planners

Community Access Providers (Non Panel)


Dental Services


Dose Administration Aids

Driving Assessment (Instructor)


Early Intervention Physiotherapy Framework Services

Examination fees

Examination Fees - Neuropsychologists Medical Reports

Examination Fees - Occupational Therapists Medical Reports

Examination Fees - Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths Medical Reports

Examination Fees - Speech Therapist Medical Reports

Exercise Physiology Services


Family Support Workers

Financial Intermediary Services for IF Clients

Framework Occupational Therapy Services

Funeral Expenses (applies to accidents on or after 20 November 2013)


Home Service (Non Preferred Providers)

Home Service (Preferred Providers)


Integration Services

Intensive Outreach Service

Interpreting Services


Joint Medical Examination and Reports


Massage Services

Medical Reports (Non TAC Requested) - Impairment Examinations and Reports

Medical Reports (Non TAC Requested) - Independent Examinations and Reports

Medical Reports (Non TAC Requested) - Treating Medical Practitioner Reports

Medical Reports (TAC Requested) - Impairment and Serious Injury Examinations and Reports

Medical Reports (TAC Requested) - Independent Examinations and Reports

Medical Reports (TAC Requested) - Treating Medical Practitioner Reports

Medical Services - General Practitioner Return to Work Activities

Medical Services Reimbursement Rates


Nursing Services


Occupational Therapy Services

Optometry Services

Orientation and Mobility Services

Orthoptic Services

Osteopathy Services

Outreach Service


Physiotherapy Services (Private)

Podiatry Services

Private hospital (non-arrangement) services

Private Vehicle Travel Reimbursement (for clients)

Prosthetic and Orthotic Services

Psychology Services

Public Hospitals


Social Work Services

Special Education Services

Speech Pathology Services


TAC Questionnaires