Travel to Work Benefit policy

This policy is about travel to work when you are not participating in a TAC-approved return to work program.

For information about travel to work while you are participating in a TAC-approved return to work plan, refer to the Travel and Accommodation Expenses policy and the Return to Work programs policy.

Can travel between a client's home and place of work be claimed?

The TAC can pay the reasonable costs of travel to and from work for a client who:

  • is not participating in an approved return to work program, and
  • is an "earner" as defined under the Transport Accident Act 1986
  • re-enters the workforce after their transport accident, and
  • who cannot travel to work by the transport he/she used to get to work before the accident because of the transport accident injury, e.g. a worker drove to work by car but since the accident the worker is unable to drive and travels by taxi to work.

How much can the TAC pay?

The TAC can pay a capped amount. This capped amount is indexed in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) each financial year.

How long can the TAC pay for travel to work?

The TAC can pay for travel to work for:

  • 12 consecutive or non-consecutive weeks for a person whose transport accident occurred before 20 November 2013
  • 24 consecutive or non-consecutive weeks for a person whose transport accident occurred on or after 20 November 2013.

What do I need to do?

You need to send the TAC a letter from your medical practitioner that explains:

  • why you need assistance getting to and from work, and
  • how long you will need the assistance, e.g. for 12 weeks.

How do the bills get paid?

This benefit is paid as a reimbursement and in cases of Financial Hardship can be paid in advance.

Private vehicles
To claim this benefit, you need to send the TAC:

This form should detail the distance in kilometres from home to work, and to claim parking you will also need to attach copies of your parking receipts.

For the reimbursement of CityLink or EastLink tolls, you need to send the TAC a copy of your Day Pass or monthly statement.

The TAC cannot pay for any costs associated with the purchase of a CityLink e-TAG.

Public transport
To claim this benefit, you need to send the TAC:

You should make a copy of your ticket or statement for your own records.

Taxi / Ride share services
To claim this benefit, you need to send the TAC:

You should make a copy of the receipt for your own records.

Please note:

Travel by ride share services can only be paid for journeys on or after 23 August 2017 when they were legalised.

The TAC can only pay for travel provided in a commercial passenger vehicle when it was driven by a person who holds the appropriate accreditation.

What if I disagree with a TAC decision?

If you don't agree with a TAC decision, your first step should be to call the TAC. In most cases, issues can be resolved at this point.

If you still disagree with the decision, the Resolving your issues page explains your appeal options.


In this policy:

"Earner" –  Generally an 'earner' is a TAC client who:

  • had been in full or part-time employment at any time during the eight weeks before the accident; or
  • had been in full or part-time employment for at least 13 weeks during the year before the accident; or
  • had been in full or part-time employment for at least 26 weeks during the 2 years before the accident; or
  • had an arrangement to commence employment or commence their own business before the accident occurred; or
  • was receiving weekly income payments from the TAC, WorkCover or another Worker's compensation insurer.


The TAC follows legislation called the Transport Accident Act 1986 (the Act). This legislation sets out what the TAC can pay for and any conditions that apply.

The sections of the Act that this policy is based on are:

  • s.60(2BA)
  • s.3 'earner'
  • s.49(5)

Private Vehicle Travel Reimbursement (for clients)

TAC Maximum
For travel from 1 July 2008 onwards*
*last reviewed 1 July 2017
30 cents per kilometre

Calculation of the Private Vehicle Travel Reimbursement Rate (for Clients)

The reimbursement rate is based on methodology recommended by the motoring organisation the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV).  This methodology calculates the "average" running costs and vehicle depreciation associated with travelling extra distances for defined purposes associated with a TAC claim.

The running costs are made up of the following factors:

  • Tyres
  • Service/repairs
  • Fuel

The estimation of fuel costs is based on the average cost per litre of unleaded petrol for Melbourne during the three month period immediately prior to the RACV report as published by the AAA website.


The TAC will review and update this rate annually based on the recommendations received from the RACV.

These fees should be read in conjunction with the policy on travel benefits.

View Travel to work declaration form

Travel to work declaration form


This form is for claiming expenses related to travel (by private car, public transport and/or taxi) to work. (Claims for travel expenses to attend medical treatment and/or rehabilitation need to be made using a separate form titled Travel Expenses: Declaration).

There are two ways to get reimbursed:

  • Online
    The quickest and easiest way to get reimbursed is online. Simply log in to myTAC and send us a copy of your receipt. We will then transfer your reimbursement to your bank account.
    If you haven’t already, register for myTAC here or download the app to your mobile device
  • Post
    Please fill in the form below, attach your original receipts and post to Transport Accident Commission, Reply Paid 2751, Melbourne, Vic 3001

Are your bank details up to date?
Keep your bank account details up to date to receive your payment or reimbursement from the TAC as soon as possible. You can update your details by completing the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authority form for TAC clients or by calling us on 1300 654 329.