A future where every journey is a safe one

Client Voice Framework

5 principles make up the Client Voice framework. When we work with our clients we will:

  • Ask
  • Listen
  • Act
  • Reflect
  • Share

Together we find a better way.

How we do it

  • Ask when we're not sure
  • Include everyone's voice, even those that are harder to hear
  • Be curious and have a conversation
  • Get the whole story
  • Value people and work together with respect
  • Look for ways to make things better as a team
  • Be transparent and balance needs
  • Listen, learn and take action
  • Tell people how they have made a difference
  • Connect people and share their stories and ideas
  • Show the value of Client Voice to the community

When it's done well

  • People feel valued
  • There is the right balance between client and business objectives
  • We deliver a service that better meets clients' needs
  • People are involved and included

The difference it will make

Together, we will improve the outcomes and experiences of people affected by road trauma.