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Client Voice stories

David's story

TAC client David was part of the Client Voice working group. He helped develop the Client Voice framework.

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David, TAC client

I've been a client at TAC for 10 years and one month.

I was going for a ride on a nice sunny day.

I landed on the bonnet of a car, rolled down and the car ran me over.

I received a broken back at T4 level, so chest level, 11 broken ribs, broken wrist and collarbone and jaw and ruptured the sac around the heart as well, so it's quite a big impact, they said, but I've got no memory of it and there were no witnesses, so he said he came round the corner and I was already flying towards him.

TAC said they're setting up this Client Voice Program and would I be interested in attending it? I thought, something different, I'll give it a little try and see what it's all
about and it's great.

Lachlan - TAC staff

It's not only for us as an
organisation to get that voice, but the power of getting clients in to hear their voice actually has a huge amount of benefit for them as well.

David, TAC client

Being involved in the project has made me feel like they care about me and makes you feel a bit more important.

Now I know what they do behind the scenes rather than just sit on the end of the telephone and talk to you.

It shows you how they do care about what we do.

There were a lot of people that I never knew and it's really weird the first day we all sort of got together, I sort of sat around and was looking at everyone thinking, I wonder what happened to them and what happened to them? And not even thinking we're all road accidents.

So it's really good.

It's getting to know other people and there are different people out there that have different experiences.