Invoices, Payment and Policies

Medical excess

The medical excess only applies to accidents prior to 14th February 2018.

The medical excess is a payment that may have to be made by your patient for initial medical services outside of a hospital, up to an indexed amount per annum such as doctor or physiotherapy consultations.  Once this excess has been reached, a service provider can invoice the TAC directly for services provided to a TAC client.

Check the medical excess page to see if your patient needs to meet the excess.


The TAC can pay the reasonable costs of services provided to a client.


LanternPay - TAC's online payment platform

Most service providers can now process TAC payments through LanternPay, a digital solution that allows you to submit paperless invoices, view payment decisions immediately, and receive payment the next business day. You can also see in real time if a client has a TAC-approved claim.

To sign-up to LanternPay, visit

Invoices by post

Please send an original copy of your invoice to the below address.  Please note duplicate accounts, such as statements, photocopies or facsimiles will not be processed for payment.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
GPO Box 2751

To ensure invoices are processed promptly providers are encouraged to adhere to the TAC's published guidelines and include the requested information about the client, their details and the service provided.

Before invoicing for a service provided to a client, please ensure that the client has an accepted TAC claim.

You can also use this invoice template XLS, 0.04MB in helping you prepare your invoices.

If you require multiple providers on the one invoice you must be clearly identify the service listed under each health professional/service provider.