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Allied Health

This page provides useful information for allied health providers, such as fees, guidelines and relevant forms and brochures.

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Changes for providers

We've introduced two key changes to make it easier for our clients to get the right treatment at the right time:

  • A range of approved treatments and services that our clients can access immediately after their accident, without contacting us first, when recommended by a health professional.
  • Removal of the medical excess. For accidents on or after 14 February 2018, clients no longer have to pay a portion of their medical expenses before the TAC covers the costs.

With more clients accessing more services, we want to ensure we have the right information to understand their treatment needs and progress. We now review a client’s treatment and services earlier in their recovery process. We'll ask you and our client for information to ensure they’re accessing services that are reasonable, clinically justified, outcome focused and in line with the Clinical Framework. We may stop paying you directly for treatment until we receive this information. After a review we’ll let you and our client know if we approve or deny further treatment.