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Pain Management Provider

As pain management providers, you can help our clients manage persistent pain and musculoskeletal injuries after their transport accident. Here’s how to work with our clients, manage billing and payments and find out what we can and cannot pay for.

Register as a provider

Pain Management Services can be provided by a multidisciplinary team of medical practitioners and allied health providers who are authorised by us to provide rehabilitation services.

Network Pain Management Providers have agreed to meet specific service standards established by us. See: Network Pain Management Program Providers List.

Before the appointment

Your client's treating medical practitioner should organise a referral. Referrals may be made by:

  • A medical practitioner
  • A physiotherapist
  • A psychologist

Read more about the pain management services at the Network Pain Management Program or Pain Management Service guideline or download the Network Pain Management Program information sheet.

Treating our clients

We can pay the reasonable costs of your client’s Network Pain Management Program (NPMP) or Pain Management Services (PMS) when required as a result of a transport accident injury.

NPMP and PMS focus on developing strategies to assist clients having difficulty managing their injuries and participating in functional activities due to their pain. They aim to improve health outcomes by:

  • educating the client about their pain
  • setting early expectations around returning to work
  • educating the client about the risks and benefits of treatments for pain
  • rationalising and reducing medications where possible
  • improving mental health and physical capacity
  • teaching self-management skills and supporting a timely transition to self-management.

We consider it reasonable to fund only one of these services. the program must be reasonable, appropriate and safe.

See: Guidelines – Pain Management Providers for a complete list of what we can and cannot pay for.

For clients with a severe injury, the discussion, referral and approval of services may form part of the independence planning process.


Reporting, forms and templates

You will need to send the following reports to us and you should ensure you are recording your patient’s baseline outcome measures.

The following forms and reports must be completed:

Billing and payments

How to invoice us

Invoices can be submitted online via LanternPay, or mailed to us at:

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
GPO Box 2751
Melbourne Vic 3001

For full details on invoicing and payments, see: How to invoice us.

Does the medical excess apply?

Pain management services are not subject to the medical excess.

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