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Common law protocols 2016


Additional provisions for notification of Transport Accidents arising in the course of employment:

In addition to the address listed in Clause 18.2 of the Common Law Protocols, the following email address can be used to request a the TAC reference number:


All requests to the above email address should be compliant as per the requirements of Clause 18.2 & Clause 18.3 of the Common Law Protocols.

Upon receipt of your email the TAC will send you an automated response acknowledging your request.

The TAC will then respond to your request separately in writing within 14 days, providing you with a claim number to allow for a Serious Injury Application to be lodged, as per Clause 18.4.1 of the Common Law Protocols.

Please note that this inbox is set up for receiving incoming notices of intent to lodge Serious Injury Applications for employment transport accidents only and is not set up for receiving the full Serious Injury Application, general correspondence or to respond to enquiries.