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This page provides useful information such as fees, guidelines and relevant forms and brochures for medical professionals.

You can also choose your profession from the drop down list to access information specific to you.

Changes for providers

Less paperwork, more certainty

As of March 2018, we offer a wide range of pre-approved treatments and services, which you can deliver, and refer patients to, without sending a request or calling us first. You can be assured of payment in line with the TAC fee schedule for any treatment or service on the pre-approved list, with no need to contact us beforehand. Check your provider page for more information.

You also no longer need to send reports or clinical notes unless you receive a request from us. You still need to check if medical excess has been met for accidents that occur prior to 14th February 2018.

Real-time monitoring will flag unusual service consumption, prompting the TAC to contact you, or the client, only when needed.

Medical excess

We have removed the medical excess. For accidents on or after 14 February 2018, TAC clients no longer have to pay a portion of their medical expenses before the TAC covers the costs. Clients can immediately seek treatment without worrying about out of pocket expenses.

Medical excess still applies for clients whose accidents occurred prior to 14 February 2018 - check the medical excess information page to see if excess applies.