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General Practitioners

Focus on what your patient can do

The Importance of Your Role

GPs play a central role in managing the health and wellbeing of a person who has been injured in a transport accident and are also vital in influencing health and return to work outcomes.

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Health Benefits of Safe Work

Evidence has shown the Health Benefits of Safe Work can help with your patient's recovery and overall health and well being. 

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Certificate of Capacity

Information you provide on a TAC certificate of capacity helps us make claim related decisions to better support your patient's independence, recovery and return to work.

Certificate of capacity

Key People Involved in Return to Work

A patient's rehabilitation team needs to work together and communicate openly in order to effect a successful return to work. 

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Request for Treatment and Services

Your patient will rely on you to make referrals or requests for medical and like services under the legislation.

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Invoices, Payments and Policies

Find out how to invoice us and other useful information such as medical excess and related policies when treating a person injured in a transport accident. 

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Clinical resources for GPs

Here are some handy resources for GPs to help with the clinical management of TAC clients.

Clinical Resources for GPs

Talking About the Health Benefits of Safe Work - A Guide for GPs