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As medical practitioners, you play an important role in helping our clients recover from their transport accident injuries.

We can pay the reasonable costs of medical treatment, without prior approval, when it is required as a result of a transport accident injury.  Surgery conducted within three months of the transport accident does not need approval.

Patient consultations, prescriptions, surgery and hospital admissions, with some restrictions are covered. Travel and family or group services are also covered.

You may also refer patients to a number of services that we can pay for – although some may require approval first. Surgical procedures that occur three months after the transport accident will also require approval.

If your patient's accident was prior to 14 February 2018 they may need to meet the medical excess before you can invoice the TAC for treatment.  Some patient reporting may be required.

Here’s how to work with our clients, manage billing and payments and find out what we can and cannot pay for.

Register as a provider

You can provide medical practitioner services if you are a medical practitioner registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (e.g. AHPRA) to practice in the medical profession (other than as a student).

If you would like to provide services to our clients, please register using our online registration form.

Before the appointment

Does your patient have a TAC claim?

  • Yes – you can treat the patient immediately. You will need their claim number.
  • Not sure – call us on 1300 654 329 to check.

If you use LanternPay, you can also check your patient’s claim status online.

Does the medical excess apply?

If your patient's accident occurred prior to 14th February 2018 they may need to meet the medical excess before you can invoice us for their treatment. Call us on 1300 654 329 to check your patient’s medical excess status.

Treating our clients

We can pay the reasonable costs of surgery when it is required as a result of a transport accident injury.

Surgical procedures that occur in the first three months from the date of the transport accident do not require prior approval.

For surgical procedures after the first three months, prior approval from us is required. See: Guidelines – Medical Practitioner for details on how to request approval.

If the patient has a severe injury, surgery is pre-approved for 12 months from the date of the transport accident.

Hospital admissions

Hospital admissions (including inpatient rehabilitation) do not require prior approval from the TAC, provided they relate to a patient’s transport accident injuries.

Certificate of Capacity

You may be required to assess your patient’s capacity and complete a Certificate of Capacity. See: Certificate of Capacity Resources.

Return to work

Returning to work is an important part of an injured person's recovery and rehabilitation. Helping your patient return to work can reduce the social and financial impact on their life and wellbeing, and increase the likelihood of a timely recovery.

The following resources will assist:

Equipment and orthoses

We can pay for the assessment, recommendation and supply of external orthoses, and provision of basic equipment.

Approval is required for specialised equipment. Use the Equipment Prescription Form to submit written requests.


Reporting, forms and templates

In some cases we may contact you regarding your patient’s treatment and services. We may send you a customised request for a report and ask you to include information regarding the patient’s history, diagnosis, prognosis, progress, outcomes, capacity for work and medical management.

Types of reports we may request:

  • Short Report - up to 3 questions.
  • Standard Report - 4 to 6 questions.
  • Comprehensive Report - 7 to 10 questions.
  • Other specific reports.

You only need to provide a report when we request it.

We will pay for these reports in accordance with:

Billing and payments

We pay for medical practitioner services in line with the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). We do not accept Australian Medical Association item numbers.

Fee schedules:

For more information, see: TAC Reimbursement Rates for Medical Services information sheet.

How to invoice us

Invoices can be submitted online via LanternPay, or mailed to us at:

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
GPO Box 2751
Melbourne Vic 3001

For full details on invoicing and payments, see: How to invoice us.

Does the medical excess apply?

Accidents that occurred before 14 February 2018 may be subject to the medical excess. Call us on 1300 654 329 to check your patient’s medical excess status. If the excess is applicable, and hasn’t yet been reached, you will need to request payment from your patient. You may be able to bill your patient’s private health insurance for the treatment.

Other resources


Can I treat the patient and bill you afterwards – or do I first have to be a registered TAC provider?

As a registered medical provider, you don’t need to register with us before treating our clients. However we prefer that you complete our simple online registration form before you invoice us. Make sure you record your patient’s TAC claim number or confirm that they have an accepted TAC claim – you can call us on 1300 654 329 to check.

My fees are higher than those listed in your fee schedule. What does this mean for my patient?

As we can only pay according to our fee schedules, you will need to invoice your patient for any difference. Your patient may have private health insurance they can utilise. Alternatively, you can elect to treat your patient at the cost of our fee schedules.

Talk to us

To ask questions, get help or provide feedback, call us on 1300 654 329 or use our online contact form.