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Requests for Treatment and Services

If you are a registered TAC provider, you can provide treatment and services to our clients when they:

  • Are required as a result of a transport accident injury.
  • Are safe and effective.
  • Promote recovery, functional independence or self-management.

Pre-approved treatment and services

We do not require requests, clinical notes or reports before we will pay for the following services, which are pre-approved for all of our clients:

  • ambulance
  • hospital (including surgery for the first three months from the date of accident)
  • medical (including medical imaging)
  • pharmacy
  • allied health
  • mental health
  • interpreting services
  • basic equipment

For more information, access What we can pay for.

Other services

We must approve any services not listed above. Requests for approval must be in writing from an appropriately qualified health professional and include the following information:

  • claim number
  • transport accident injury being treated
  • type of treatment or service being requested
  • rationale as to why it is required
  • proposed date of the service/treatment
  • number of services proposed or expected duration
  • date treatment will be reviewed
  • functional goals/outcome measure that will be used to evaluate the treatment
  • self-management strategies in place

We will consider the principles of the Clinical Framework when considering whether a treatment or service request is reasonable and appropriate. We will then respond to written treatment and service requests as set out in our TAC Service Charter.


The release of medical information to the TAC is authorised by your patient when they sign and lodge a TAC Claim form. Our policy for managing personal and health information is set out in our Privacy Policy.