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The Importance of Your Role

GPs play a central role in managing the health and wellbeing of a person who has been injured in a transport accident. GPs are also vital in influencing health and return to work outcomes.

In most cases, a patient will rely on their GP for advice and coordinating medical treatment and services to assist with their overall recovery, rehabilitation and return to work including:

  • Monitoring and reviewing progress and outcomes.
  • Prescribing safe and clinically appropriate pharmacy items in accordance with the Transport Accident Commission's medication guideline.
  • Referrals to other healthcare services and monitoring the effectiveness of these services.
  • Discussing the health benefits of work and emphasising that work is an important part of recovery.
  • Assessing and certifying capacity.
  • Identifying any barriers to return to work.
  • Communicating a patient's capacity with their employer where appropriate.

Talking about the health benefits of safe work – A guide for GPs

This video has been developed to help facilitate return to work discussion between you and your patient.  The purpose of the video is to highlight the health benefits of safe work and clarify your role in the return to work process.

Clinical resources

The TAC has a range of clinical resources to help with the clinical management of a person injured in a transport accident.  Visit Clinical resources.

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