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Hospital Accreditation Program

The TAC Hospital Accreditation Program is an online training program that provides Patient Liaison Officers (PLOs) or other relevant hospital employees with up-to-date information about the TAC, and explains how to lodge an online claim on behalf of a patient. Hospital staff will receive access to lodge claims online following successful completion of the program.

The TAC’s online claim lodgement platform provides immediate and automatic claim acceptance. A unique claim number is generated, which makes it much faster and easier for clients to access treatment and support. This immediate claim acceptance allows the hospital to classify the patient as a TAC client in real time for invoicing purposes.

For more information about the TAC Hospital Accreditation Program, or to request access to the training program to lodge claims online, email  hospital_accreditation_program@tac.vic.gov.au

Hospitals that are not yet accredited to lodge online claims may contact us on 1300 654 329 to lodge a claim on behalf of an in-patient.


Fees for services provided by public hospitals to TAC claimants are agreed with the Victorian Department of Health and outlined in the Department's Fees and Charges for Acute Health Services in Victoria.

To access the index for these fees please visit Department of Health (Vic).

For further information about TAC policies contact the TAC on 1300 654 329 or email policy@tac.vic.gov.au


Refer to our helpful range of clinical resources when treating your patient.

Reviewing a TAC decision

Forms and brochures

Find out how to order equipment from suppliers using our online portals.

Instructions – how to use and save forms

You can open each form by clicking on the links below. You should then 'save as', giving the document a unique name (usually the clients).  You may then type directly onto the form and save it on your own computer. Form fields expand as you type to ensure you have enough room for your text.

You only need to complete and submit the forms listed below if we ask you to.

Discharge Planning

This assessment should be completed at least 2-3 weeks prior to discharge for all clients who have severe injuries.

Refer to the TAC's Attendant Care policy for additional information.

Pain Management Program
All pain management programs require prior approval in writing and a discharge evaluation form to be completed at the conclusion of the program.  Refer to the TAC's Pain Management Program policy for additional information.

How to invoice the TAC

Billing the TAC

For more information and to view the fee schedule please visit www.health.vic.gov.au/feesman

The following information must appear on accounts sent to the TAC.  All accounts must be marked 'tax invoice'. For further information about tax invoice requirements please visit www.ato.gov.au

Only the original account will be accepted. Only one patient may appear on each account. Duplicate accounts, statements or facsimiles will not be processed.

Accounts must be addressed to the TAC (not to the client). Please do not issue the TAC with receipts.

Service details

Invoice number

Date of admission

Date of discharge

Total amount charged

ICD-10-AM code(s) for each injury and condition

Inpatient stay (to and from dates)

Additional details

Theatre date(s), item numbers, quantity and the amount for each service

Outpatient item number(s) (eg. PUB90)

Description of medication(s) including name, strength and quantity (for example, Paracetamol, 500mg x 20).

For pharmacy items, the date of supply and if this was during an inpatient stay or at discharge

Prosthesis date(s) of service and billing code

Paramedical service with associated time code (for example, PUB20A = 15 mins, PUB20C = 45 mins, PUB20D = 1 hour).

Services which are subject to GST must be submitted on a GST compliant invoice

ICD-10-AM codes

ICD-10-AM codes must be assigned by a clinical coder and be based on documentation in the medical record.

For rehabilitation episodes/admissions

Must follow ACS 2104

A code for the primary reason for rehabilitation must be sequenced immediately after Z50

For acute episodes/admissions

If the principal diagnosis is a Z code, an additional ICD-10-AM code is required to identify the original injury for which the care was required

What to do if your account is not paid

If you have a query about an unpaid or returned account please call the TAC Customer Service Centre on 1300 654 329