Please note: At the TAC we are reviewing how we can best support our clients to use Individualised Funding (IF). For now, we will not take on new IF clients. We will update this page on our website when IF is available to new clients.

If your client is already using IF, nothing has changed. They can continue to use their allocated funds to manage the services they need because of their transport accident.

What is Individualised Funding?

Individualised Funding enables TAC clients to organise and pay for the services they need to achieve their goals and maximise their independence after an accident.

How it works

Each month the TAC deposits money into an Individualised Funding bank account set up for your TAC client. The amount of money is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Your client then plans the services they need and organises their appointments with you.

Once the services are provided, your client will either pay you on the spot using their debit card, or make an electronic payment via EFT or BPAY, after receiving an invoice.

The differences between working with a TAC client on Individualised Funding and other TAC clients

You and your TAC client can work together to plan services that maximise your client’s independence.

You invoice your client directly, there is no need to send an invoice to the TAC.

If you have an EFTPOS facility, your client can pay for services up to $200 on the spot with their Individualised Funding debit card.

No TAC approval (or report) is required to continue existing services or to start new services.

Your client may continue to have an Independence Plan to assist you to work with your client towards their goals.

What happens when a TAC client moves to Individualised Funding?

The TAC will notify you of the date your client will transition to Individualised Funding. From this date you will need to send any invoices directly to your client.

Your client may also contact you and provide you with a form to gather your banking information so that they have the option to pay you online.

For regular services, such as attendant care, you can talk to your client about entering into an Individual Services Agreement that sets out the expectations for both you and your client.

Further information

For more information about Individualised Funding, please contact your client’s Support Coordinator or the TAC on 1300 654 329.