Billing information for bursars / business managers

What to know when you bill the TAC for integration aide and teacher services

  • You must send your application to the TAC and receive our approval before the service/support starts.
  • Depending on the stability of the student’s program, approval periods can be between one term and one year.
  • The TAC does not employ school staff.
  • The employment contract a school may enter into with its employees is independent of any funding arrangement the TAC may have with that school.
  • Please use the relevant form when you bill the TAC:
    • Integration Support: Teacher Account Form, or
    • Integration Support: Aide Account Form
  • We can only pay for services after they are provided.
  • You can bill us each term. If your school is small, we can consider paying each month.

How to calculate rates of payment

  • On-costs are calculated according to the method of employment (central or local payroll).
  • On-costs include sick leave and relief staff allocation, if applicable.
  • Rates and the on-costs paid by the TAC are available at
  • We may ask that recall days are used if extra time is requested for excursions or school camps.
  • Integration Teachers are only paid for the weeks of the term.
  • Integration Aides may be employed on 48/52. This does not apply to casual staff.

Who to contact if you are having difficulties

The TAC coordinator working with your school will be able to help you with:

  • applications for support and billing procedures
  • questions about on-costs and recall days

The Department of Education and Training Victoria can help with issues about how TAC funding may affect your budget.