Independence aims to improve client outcomes and better align service delivery with evolving community expectations regarding supporting people with serious injuries.

Independence involves the client being an active participant in planning through the life of the claim. Service provision will be directed towards maximising the client's level of independence and helping them to achieve their individual health, vocational and quality of life goals.

The TAC's Independence model is based on person-centred planning, focusing on clients' needs, abilities and strengths and supporting clients' inclusion into the community – immediately and in the longer term.

Independence Plan

The TAC recognises that the client's treating team play a critical role in helping clients maximise their independence and achieve their desired health, vocational and quality of life goals. As part of Independence, the TAC works collaboratively with a severely injured client and their treating team to develop an Independence Plan.

The Independence Plan contains a clear set of short and long-term goals regarding the client's home and living arrangements, individual health, vocational and quality of life goals. It aims to ensure all services support the client to achieve their goals and enables clients to take ownership of these goals, knowing that the TAC and their treating team are with them every step of the way.

The Independence Plan also outlines an action plan including dates and responsibilities for how the goal will be achieved. The Independence Plan will be circulated to all members of the treating team for review and input and when circulated to the treating team, serves as approval for the services listed within it.

The TAC will work collaboratively with all members of a client's treating team to ensure services are aligned with the Independence Plan. This will include regular reviews with the team where appropriate and will be redistributed to the team if there are any significant changes in the client's circumstances and goals.

Benefits for Health Professionals:

  • The Independence Plan is shared with all members of the treating team so everyone is working to achieve the client's individual goals
  • Treatment and support goals are aligned with the client's Independence Plan
  • The Independence Plan provides a framework for regular review and assessment of progress.

Some severely injured clients do not have an Independence Plan. The TAC is committed to supporting these clients through collaboration with the treating team directly to plan and discuss the services required to support the client's needs.

Access our Independence Plan page for more details.