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Clinical Panel

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The Clinical Panel consists of highly experienced allied health, disability, mental health and medical professionals who can provide you with support and advice as you treat TAC clients. They can work with you to discuss the most effective treatment options and pathways, support you with managing complex clients and address any concerns you have about your patient.

You can access outcome measures that Clinical Panellists have identified as particularly useful in clinical practice. These tools can assess a person’s current or future health status and demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment.

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The role of the Clinical Panel

Members of our Clinical Panel routinely conduct reviews in line with the Clinical Framework. During a review, a Clinical Panellist will contact you to discuss aspects of your patient’s recovery, including:

  • the effectiveness of treatment or services
  • return to work capacity and issues surrounding certification
  • clarification of medical issues, injury or prognosis
  • new or ongoing treatment/services requests
  • surgical requests, medical intervention or pharmacotherapy
  • independent medical examination findings or recommendations

We will also notify your patient when a clinical review is underway.

In addition to reviews, the Clinical Panel has broadened its focus to include:

  • identifying and developing new service models and effective interventions to achieve optimal outcomes
  • identifying and evaluating early interventions to support clients to get their life back on track and maximise their independence
  • supporting staff in proactive management, making external provider visits (e.g. case conferencing) and worksite visits, promoting general peer in-practice support and cross discipline education, and presenting at conferences, universities and peak bodies
  • reviewing outlier provider performance to manage health risks and quality safeguards

Watch this video to learn more about the Clinical Panel's role.