Travel and Accommodation Expenses for Immediate Family Members to Attend the Funeral, Burial or Cremation of a TAC Client

This policy applies for accidents on or after 14 December 2016


The TAC can pay the reasonable travelling and accommodation costs incurred by members of the immediate family to attend the funeral service of a TAC client under section 60(2EA) of the Transport Accident Act 1986 (the Act) when:

  • a TAC client dies as a result of a transport accident; and
  • a funeral service is held in Australia in respect of the TAC client, and
  • the funeral service is held at least 100 kilometres from the member of the immediate family’s normal residence, and
  • members of the immediate family incur reasonable travelling or accommodation expenses within Australia by reason of attending the funeral service.

This benefit is subject to a capped Indexed Statutory Amount.


In this policy:

  • Member of the immediate family is a partner, parent, child or sibling of the person who has died.
  • Funeral service includes a funeral, burial or cremation service
  • Travel Expenses are expenses incurred in travelling by:
    • private motor vehicle (including parking fees and tolls)
    • motor vehicle hire
    • public transport
    • taxi
    • ride share services (for travel on or after 23 August 2017)
    • domestic air travel.


What can the TAC pay for in relation to travel and accommodation expenses by members of the immediate family when attending the funeral service of a TAC client?

The TAC can pay the following for members of the immediate family who normally reside more than 100 kilometres from the place where the funeral service is held, up to the maximum statutory allowance:

  • The reasonable cost of travel expenses to attend a TAC client’s funeral service
  • The reasonable cost of overnight accommodation for the night before and/or the night after the funeral. An additional night may be considered for family members who are unable to return home for reasons outside their control, for example, their return flight was unexpectedly cancelled/delayed by the airline
  • The cost of an adult to accompany a dependent child to their parent’s funeral service when there are no other eligible family members available. For example, when a child from a single-parent family is accompanied to the funeral service by his or her godparent.

The maximum statutory allowance is the total capped amount that can be paid on the claim for the person who has died, and is not for each individual person claiming.

How are travel/accommodation expenses claimed?

The person claiming travel and accommodation expenses needs to complete and send to the TAC a Travel and Accommodation Expenses: Declaration for family members attending the funeral service of a TAC client form and attach all original receipts where possible.

What fees/rates are payable for travel expenses?

Refer to the TAC rate paid for Private Vehicle Travel Reimbursement. The TAC will consider reimbursing the reasonable cost of taxi/rie share service, motor vehicle hire, public transport and domestic air travel.

In relation to travel/accommodation expenses for the family members attending the funeral of a TAC client, what won’t the TAC pay for?

The TAC will not pay for:

  • the cost of meals. Meal expenses are part of the normal cost of daily living and are incurred regardless of a transport accident
  • travel and accommodation for family member(s) who normally reside less than 100 kilometres from the place where the funeral service is held
  • travel or accommodation expenses when the capped Indexed Statutory Amount is reached
  • the cost of travel by ride share services before they were legalised on 23 August 2017
  • travel provided in a commercial passenger vehicle driven by a person who does not hold the appropriate accreditation.

Private Vehicle Travel Reimbursement (for clients)

TAC Maximum
For travel from 1 July 2008 onwards*
*last reviewed 1 July 2017
30 cents per kilometre

Calculation of the Private Vehicle Travel Reimbursement Rate (for Clients)

The reimbursement rate is based on methodology recommended by the motoring organisation the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV).  This methodology calculates the "average" running costs and vehicle depreciation associated with travelling extra distances for defined purposes associated with a TAC claim.

The running costs are made up of the following factors:

  • Tyres
  • Service/repairs
  • Fuel

The estimation of fuel costs is based on the average cost per litre of unleaded petrol for Melbourne during the three month period immediately prior to the RACV report as published by the AAA website.


The TAC will review and update this rate annually based on the recommendations received from the RACV.

These fees should be read in conjunction with the policy on travel benefits.

View Travel and Accommodation expenses for family members attending the funeral service of a TAC client

Travel and Accommodation expenses for family members attending the funeral service of a TAC client


This form can be used by immediate family members of deceased clients to claim travel and accommodation expenses associated with attending their loved one's funeral.  Please note, to be eligible for reimbursement, immediate family members must reside more than 100km away from the place where the funeral, burial or cremation service was held.