Child care guidelines

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the information at Working with the TAC.

Who can provide child care services?

You can provide child care services for TAC clients if you are approved by the Department of Education and appear in the Australian Government’s Child Care Finder.

If you have a complaint about a child care provider contact The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) who regulate providers Australia wide.

What we can pay for

Types of child care we can help pay for:

  • long day care
  • occasional care
  • Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) program
  • family day-care
  • in-home care, where your client’s injury prevents them from undertaking child care tasks and they live in a rural or remote location
  • your time when you transport a child to school or other activities
  • complex care, where a child has high needs that cannot be met by other forms of child care, and/or there are three or more children under school age in your client’s home cared for by an approved provider

We can help pay the reasonable costs of child care services, with our approval, when:

  • our client cared for the child or children for a minimum of 30 days before the transport accident and did not receive salary or wages for that child care, and
  • our client is unable to care for the child or children due to the transport accident injuries
  • our client (or their partner) was pregnant at the time of the transport accident
  • our client (or their partner) has died as a result of the transport accident

We can also help pay for child care services so that our client can attend medical or rehabilitation appointments relating to their transport accident injuries.

When our client is unable to access or secure a place in approved child care, we can help pay for registered child care, such as a nanny or au pair.

How much we can pay

We can help pay the reasonable cost of child care services:

  • when child care, home services and post-acute support care do not exceed 40 hours per week in total
  • up to a maximum of 5 years after the injury or death of a client
  • for the amount of time that our client would have been providing care for the child or children but is now unable to do so due to the transport accident

We can help pay for services in line with our fee schedule:

Other things to note

As child care providers, it is expected that you will:

  • apply the Child Care Benefit as a fee reduction for approved child care, and only invoice us for the out of pocket expenses, and
  • seek government funding, such as the Inclusion Support Subsidy, to assist in the ongoing care of children with high support needs

What we cannot pay for

We cannot pay for:

  • child care services for tasks that our client did not do prior to their transport accident
  • other costs of transporting a child to and from a child care facility or school, such as petrol, taxi or parking fees
  • child care services for children who come into our client’s care after their transport accident
  • expenses normally associated with caring for a child, such as food and nappies
  • child care services that were paid for by our client before their transport accident
  • additional fees associated with child care services, such as excursion fees or meals
  • services that do not relate to the transport accident

Also see general items we cannot pay for.

For more information

Access our policies for health and support services.