Learning to drive

A driver’s licence is a key to independence and freedom. It allows you to get to work, study, sport, shopping and go out with ease, yet it is also exposes you to real and potential danger on our roads.

Inexperienced drivers are at high risk of injury and death on the roads and it is vital to get as much experience as possible so you can deal with the many situations you will encounter when driving.

Learning to drive involves a few steps so resources have been developed to help you learn the skills required to be a safe driver.

Use the VicRoads Road to Solo Driving handbook to help you prepare for getting your learner’s permit.

Once you’ve started your driver training you can use DriveSmart an online learning tool which has been developed to help you practice your skills and prepare for your probationary licence test.

After you’ve passed your tests you can look forward to many hours enjoying the freedom of driving safely on Australia's open roads.