Bicycle light trial – Light Insights Trial (LiT)

Next steps

This trial ended in October 2022 and has entered the project evaluation phase. We will have more information on the findings in 2023.

About the trial

One thousand Victorian cyclists, of all abilities, were selected to take part in this Australia-first trial. For 12 months the cyclists shared data through a See.Sense’s ACE smart bike light app. This technology allowed cyclists to share:

  • Cyclist crash events – including mapping collision and close pass hotspots
  • Abrupt Accelerations or Decelerations
  • Swerving
  • Road Surface Roughness
  • Average and Instantaneous Speeds
  • Dwell time
  • Origin-Destination and key routes/gateways
  • Cyclist feedback

The TAC partnered with Deakin University, See. Sense and the iMOVE CRC, to run the trial. Insights from Quantitative and Qualitative data will go towards understanding what impacts cyclist safety and could be used to help inform future policy planning and infrastructure improvements for bike riders.

About the technology

The technology being used is a smart bike light developed by See.Sense. This light is a world-leading technology for cyclists that has been trialed in many cities including Dublin, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and Antwerp. As well as capturing ride data, the lights give an added layer of safety by flashing brighter and faster at riskier moments such as roundabouts, road junctions, filtering through traffic or approaching car headlights.

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