Safe driving

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Driving tips and tools

Safe driving involves many different elements - the safety of your vehicle, your skill and experience, your age, the driving conditions, the type of weather you are driving in and so much more.

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Fleet safety

Employers have a legal and moral responsibility to look after the safety of their staff, and part of this duty of care is ensuring employees are safe on the roads if their job requires any driving.

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Motorcycle safety

Motorcycle riders have a much higher risk of serious or fatal injury if involved in a crash, regardless of the cause of the crash.  It is every road user's responsibility to ensure they look out for motorcycles.

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Older drivers

As our population ages, older drivers are becoming more at risk of being killed or seriously injured on the roads. In older drivers, increased frailty and issues associated with ageing create greater risks.

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Seatbelt safety

Seatbelts have been proven to reduce the amount of injuries a person may experience in a road crash as most injuries to drivers and passengers are caused by contact with the inside of the vehicle.

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When you become a parent, road safety takes on a new perspective. Your role is critical in helping your children develop safe road skills - from walking to school to learning to drive.

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