Fleet policies

Making road safety an important part of your organisation's culture encourages every employee to be responsible for safe driving. It also ensures the corporation provides safe fleet vehicles for staff to use.

Creating a company-wide driving policy is an effective means of developing a culture of road safety.

It is important staff understand their responsibility when driving a company vehicle and what employers expect of them. A fleet policy could include individual rewards for staff as well having an overall benefit to the cost and reputation of the organisation.

Safe driving policy example

To help with creating your own safe driving policy we have provided access to:

The TAC Safe Driving Policy below:

The TAC Vehicle Purchase Policy below:

Safe driving results in lower wear and tear on company fleet vehicles and fewer crashes mean lower repair costs. No company wants any of their employees injured as this affects the morale and well-being of all staff.

Towards Zero eLearning Module

The TAC has developed an eLearning module designed to help the community experience how 'Towards Zero' minimises the risk of death or serious injury on the roads by taking into account their interaction between roads, vehicles, speeds and road users.

The eLearning module can be linked to or downloaded for deployment on your Learning Management System. More information on downloading the SCORM package is available

By the end of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Describe what 'Towards Zero' is
  • List the principles that underpin 'Towards Zero'
  • Identify who is involved in 'Towards Zero'
  • Indicate what role different people play in 'Towards Zero'
  • Recognise that everyone can make a difference on Victoria's roads.

The TAC encourages organisations, community groups and individuals to undertake the module.