Ride Smart

Ride Smart

Ride Smart is an online tool created especially for Victorian motorcycle riders.  It's been designed by experienced motorcycle trainers and instructional design experts to provide training on a range of very important motorcycling skills, like hazard perception and decision making.

The system consists of 102 exercises and is designed to be completed over several sessions. This training product has been developed to augment on-road riding experience.

So who is it designed for? It's especially helpful for new riders but can also be of value to more experienced riders who want to brush up on skills. Ideally you will get the most benefit from Ride Smart if you have had some on-road riding or driving experience so you are at least familiar with the traffic environment.

While completing Ride Smart you will visit many different riding situations around town, on the freeway and in rural areas. You'll need to make decisions, which will test your memory and your ability to predict what other road users might do next.  You'll see what happens when you take risks, or don't concentrate, and just like real life, you'll also have to deal with other people's mistakes.

Ride Smart is free to all Victorian motorcycle permit or licence holders and is online at ridesmartonline.com.au