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Older drivers

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Road safety for ageing road users

As our population ages, older drivers are becoming more at risk of being killed or seriously injured on the roads. While the risk of crashes in young drivers is risky driving behaviour, in older drivers it is increased frailty and issues associated with ageing that create the risk.

It is important older drivers look out for warning signs they are not driving safely and follow a range of driving safety tips for seniors to help keep them safe on the roads – whether it is as a driver or as a pedestrian.

Driver age risk relative to lowest group

older driver stats 2 

Drivers at risk - 75 years and over

Drivers aged 75 years or over have a higher risk (per distance travelled) of being killed in a crash than any other age group. As we age our bodies become more fragile and those particularly in this age group are more likely to be hurt or killed in a crash.

Many older people are perfectly capable of driving safely, yet physical and mental changes that often come with ageing can affect how well older people drive. This includes:

  • slower reaction times
  • loss of clarity in vision and hearing
  • loss of muscle strength and flexibility 
  • use of prescription drugs which may cause drowsiness