Aging parents

Are your parents still safe drivers?

Talking to your ageing parents, relatives or friends about their fitness to drive can be a sensitive and difficult subject – at worst, it can be seen as criticism or a threat to their independence.

See our Safe Driving Checklist which can help you identify some issues that may be affecting your parents, relative or older friend in your life. If you feel your parent's are at risk we have advice on the how you can keep them driving safely on the roads for as long as possible.

Managing the safety of senior drivers

One way of ensuring your parent keeps safe on the road and not put themselves or others at risk is to encourage them to manage their health as much as possible. You can do this by encouraging them to:

  • Have their eyes tested at least once every two years and make sure their optometrist knows that they drive
  • Talk to their pharmacist or doctor about the effects of medication on their driving
  • Avoid complex intersection, tram routes or busy roads during peak hour
  • Choose the safest route, rather than the most direct one
  • Avoid driving at sunset or sunrise – both are times of high glare and poor visibility

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