Holidays and road trips

Safety for holidays and long road trips

The key to making your holiday travel or long road trip safe and relaxed is planning. This includes working out the route you are taking, the amount of time to allow getting there (with regular rest breaks) and making sure your car is in good condition.

During long trips drivers can feel tired and may be tempted to keep going to make up time, putting themselves, their passengers and other road-users at risk.

Further, holiday-makers often find themselves on unfamiliar roads and in different weather conditions, such as towing a caravan, or driving in the snow. These types of situations require more concentration and extra care on the driver's behalf.

In this section, you'll find more information about preparing for holiday driving. As well as hints for driving in various weather conditions, there's a holiday travel checklist, and even games to keep the kids amused in the car.

Long road trip checklist:

  • Have your car serviced and given a proper safety check up
  • Map out your trip – make sure you allow plenty of time to get to your destination, including rest stops
  • Take regular breaks (at least one every two hours) and pull over for a power nap as soon you feel tired or fatigued.
  • Share the driving if possible
  • Never drink alcohol, not even small amounts, before or during a long trip
  • Have a few good nights' sleep before heading off
  • Don't drive when you would normally be sleeping
  • Stay within the speed limit and always choose an appropriate speed for the driving conditions – whether city, country or night time driving
  • Make sure all passengers wear appropriate seatbelts or child restraints - including pets
  • Make sure all luggage is properly secured and won't become projectiles in the case of sudden braking.
  • Avoid distractions – don't use mobile phones and keep young passengers occupied with games for children when driving.