How safe is your car?

How well would your own car or company car protect you or your staff in a crash?  How Safe is Your Car is a website specifically designed for people who want to see the crash protection rating of their vehicles or if they are buying a new or used car.

This website provides rating information on 80% of vehicles made post-1990 and that are driven on our roads. Cars are rated according to the crash protection of a vehicle, including protective features such as how it is made and safety detail such as seatbelts and airbags.

The cars are assessed using two systems that both provide useful and important information to help you buy a safe car. These are:

  • Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP): These crash tests provide an indication of the car's protective capacity.
  • Used Car Safety Ratings (UCSR): These ratings are based on real world crashes and provide a picture of the car's safety performance.

Our crash test dummies crusade

Crash Test Dummies

The TAC uses the Crash Test Dummies to help promote our safe vehicle message. This dedicated team don't get out of the laboratory often, but when they do they take to events with gusto to fight for 5 star car ratings.

Keep a look out for them and join them in their crusade for safe cars by viewing the Crash Test Dummies website.