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VCE Legal Studies

The TAC VCE Legal Studies resources are designed to supplement existing textbooks with the aim of making learning contemporary, with links to many online resources throughout.

As the TAC has been aligned closely with the content requirements of the recently revised course, these resources are an ideal complement to the course.

The resources relate to two specific units of the VCE Legal Studies course:

Unit 1: Criminal law in action

Area of Study 1: Law in society

  • Assessment: Structured questions with a special focus on the short films from the MAFMAD (Make A Film. Make A Difference) series.

Area of Study 2: Criminal law

  • Assessment: There are two individual worksheets that have been developed to meet the Key Knowledge and Key Skills requirement for this area of study.

Area of Study 3: The criminal courtroom

  • Assessment: 75-minute test

Unit 4: Resolution and justice

  • Area of Study 2: Court processes and procedures, and engaging in justice
  • Assessment: 75-minute test

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