A future where every journey is a safe one

AusVELS 10 Civics

Teaching students how to be responsible, active and aware citizens in Australia is one of the main aims of civics and citizenship education, and an important part of this is a focus on road safety and risk-taking behaviour by young people.

The Civics and Citizenship Level 10 resource developed by the TAC is part of our overall aim to promote the road safety message to the next generation of drivers and riders.

The information focuses on road safety and reducing risk-taking by young people, complementing the Traffic Safety Essentials program in schools.

AusVELS 10 Civics is also used in our 25 years of the TAC resources along with AusVELS 10 History.

Our key resources for Level 10 of AusVELS

The tasks featured here focus on performance at Level 6 of the Standards. The stimulus material provided covers both print and non-print texts.

  • Short Films - MAFMAD (Make a Film, Make A Difference) short films. These deal with the issues of individual core values and the legal implications of some decisions.
  • Opinion Piece – Parenting author and educator Steve Biddulph's article on passenger restrictions for P plate drivers. Mentally, Teens Drive Best Alone by Steve Biddulph published in the SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) 11 January, 2007. Here he sets out some challenges for law makers who are accountable to the community to create meaningful and effective laws.
  • Writing Competition – Students can contribute to our school writing competition.

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