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In this commercial, everything is frozen in time and eerily silent, the only movement is from the camera which moves from scene to scene in one fluid motion and there is soft music in the background as we move through each scene.

We start with a close up of a stationary car, with a child on a bike in front of it. The child looks startled.

The camera pans past it slowly and we come across another stationary car. We see it’s the exact same car and child, but this time the car has shifted to a slightly different angle and is veering towards a street light pole on the side of the road. The child is starting to fall off his bike.

The camera continues to pan across in a fluid motion, to reveal the same scene again with the same car and same child, but this time the car is further forward again, and about to hit a street light pole. The child’s bike is underneath the car’s front right tyre, and the child has fallen to the ground in front of the car.

The camera continues to pan in to the fourth scene where we see the stationary moment of a car colliding with the street light, with the bike frozen in time as it is dragged with it and wrapped around the pole. The car’s front headlight is damaged and the child can no longer be seen.

We continue on, following the camera to reveal the fifth scene, the same scenario as before, but the car’s front hood has now crumpled from the force of the impact with the pole, and the back end of the car is suspended in the air. The air bags have released and suspended glass from the front headlight is shattered through the air. The bike has now broken into pieces, which are suspended in the air around the impact site.

We move slowly to the sixth scene which is worse again, this time the car has hit the street light with enough force that the pole is now falling onto the front of the car, and the street light is flickering.  The front end of the car is now completely destroyed. The bike, crushed into pieces, is now suspended in the air even further from the impact site.

At this point, the camera stops its lateral movement and raises up to a birds eye view. We see all the vehicles from each previous scene in a semi-circle, and can now see that they are on the face of a speedometer. We realise that each version of the crash has represented a different speed on the dial, with the crashes increasing in severity the higher the speed. The words ‘Every speed has a consequence.’ appear on screen.

We fade to black and the words ‘Rethink speed.’ appear on screen, along with Towards Zero, TAC & Victorian Government logos.

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Rethink Speed

Speeding includes travelling above the speed limit as well as driving too fast for the conditions, and these are major contributors to both the number and severity of crashes. As a vehicle's speed increases, so does the time it takes for the vehicle to come to a stop. Combined with the fact that the higher the speed, the greater the impact, it becomes clear how a small increase in speed can make a big difference in the seriousness of a crash.


The Safe Speed component of Towards Zero is concerned with setting appropriate speed limits and travelling at safe speeds that are right for the conditions. If speed limits are set appropriately and drivers travel within those limits, the effectiveness of initiatives implemented in the road or vehicle space are enhanced and help reduce road trauma.

For our fragile bodies, even a small difference in speed can mean the difference between life and death. This is especially true for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicycle riders and especially children and older people. Your chances of losing your life are increased at the impact speeds listed under each of the collision types below.

Side-impact with tree
Side-impact with tree
Impact with pedestrian
Impact with pedestrian


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