Melbourne Victory - Archie Thompson

Melbourne Victory - Archie Thompson

Melbourne Victory's Archie Thompson highlights through his skills, if you slow down, you have greater control. 

Speeding drivers are a major cause of death and injury on our roads. Any type of speeding is dangerous, whether it is excessive, a few kms over the speed limit or inappropriate driving for the conditions.

Melbourne Victory Players Adrian Leijer and Archie Thompson appear in two slow motion commercials to show that if you slow down, you have greater control.

Through this campaign, Melbourne Victory and the TAC are asking soccer fans to think of the consequence of speeding so they can keep the support alive.


Speed is one of the major factors contributing to accidents on Victoria's roads. It can be divided into three categories:

  • excessive - speeding is deliberate and substantially over the speed limit
  • low level - the driver travels at a speed marginally over the posted speed limit, typically by 5km/h (research shows the majority of motorists engage in low level speeding) and
  • inappropriate - travelling at a speed that is inappropriate for the conditions such as travelling at the speed limit when the road is wet.

All of these types of speeding are dangerous. Speeding reduces the time drivers have to avoid crashes, their ability to control the vehicle and lengthens stopping distances, increasing both the likelihood of crashing and the severity of the crash outcome.

The TAC has worked closely with Victoria Police to target speeding motorists by funding the purchase of speed detection equipment.

Speed cameras

The speed camera program began in 1990 to reduce road crashes caused by excessive or inappropriate speed. Fifty four cameras were introduced, at a cost of $4.5 million to combat speeding.

In November 1996 the TAC funded 60 Laser Speed Detectors at a cost of $500,000. They were introduced to help Police detect speeding on roads with moderate to heavy traffic - areas where radar devices were not always effective.